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Sunday 1 May 2011

The Deliverance Weekend (part 2)

Having survived the night from the watchful marauders seeking to penetrate I mean our camp, the next idea was to transfer to the mainland to a beautiful hazel copse Alan knew well.

I was up early in the morning to check the night lines and watch the sun come up over little yellow

There was a plentiful supply of wild protein!!

A scout around the island before the transfer to the copse revealed that the local varmints had been gnawing on the swans eggs

The next camp place was greenwood, well named and a very beautiful copse full of wild flowers

It was full of beautifull bluebells, wild garlic, and these early purple orchids, we even camped in the shadow of some huge Monterey Pines

Dinner was woodsmans garlic bread, tortilla wraps, butter, cheese and wild garlic, all slowed cooked on the fire grill, it was an absolutely gorgeous treat.

Stephen took down a dead standing birch for firewood to keep us all cosy and toasty, it was over all too soon.

We would all like to say a very special thanks to Alan and his gorgeous partner Hazel for the invitation and very warm welcome, thank you both so much for all you did for us it was sincerely appreciated, we hope we can do it again some time!

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  1. Another good one. I love bluebells, but the Roos eat them!!!