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Sunday 1 July 2012

MORA 510 Back in Black

It's no irony that I've AC/DC playing in the background while typing this, back in black is quite apt.
Anyway,there have been rumours for the past few months that the mighty MORA 510 was coming back, I've emailed mora a few times about re-introducing the knife but never heard back from them, however a German company with much more clout than I have had a run made and here are some pics from their first production run

Here it is,the perfect Tactical Mora in Nightshade Black

The genuine article, stamped on the blade,it's not a fake !!

And reverse of the blade proving it's a first production run of the new 510.

Now when Mr Mears had these last year (and funny how Woodlore said that Ray always used the 510 yet I never saw them for sale on his site in all the previous years only the Clipper and Companion, until there was an outcry as to their imminent demise..I'm so cynical!) Mora said that they would never bring them back, to a certain extent they have kept their word as there are a couple of minor differences..firstly, well it's in black!! Secondly the blade is 20% thinner..Now this is where I'm a little disappointed (but only a little) I love the original 510, you have all seen me using it and I have a number of pics on this site showing the knife, I consider it my perfect outdoors knife and the 2.5mm thick blade on the original was perfect, thick enough to rely on and abuse but thin enough to be nicey slicey and a great carver.The new blade is 2mm thick, not a big difference but it' s NOT THE ORIGINAL 510 !!! I have no doubt it will still be as reliable as ever but I personally would have preferred to pay a little more for a thicker blade than the same price for a thinner one..regardless it's back and I for one am enthralled at that!!

the 2mm Blade showing the spine

and showing the shallower bevel needed with a thinner blade

and in comparison with the others

and the incarnation of the 510 over the past few years, top is THE original 510, the second is the Green handled Woodlore 510 similar in every respect bar the colour and the bottom is the phoenix 510 re-incarnated in it's new form... MORA, I LOVE IT, BUT BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL !!

(please don't use my pictures without first asking permission, they are all copyrighted)