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Thursday 21 January 2021

The Preppers Medical Handbook - a review

 I was recently sent a copy of the Preppers Medical Handbook by its author Dr William W. Forgey M.D. Although he never asked for the book to be formally reviewed I felt it was necessary to do so as it is an outstanding addition to any bushcrafters or preppers library.

All too often we prepare with kit, skills, weapons, and expeditions often relying on one person in the group to deal with any medical incidents that may occur, however should that person fall ill themselves the group could find themselves at a distinct disadvantage with no medical help, however there is now no excuse as long as you carry this book with you at all times.

This volume is quite detailed and I'd assume it's directed at people who already have some medical knowledge as certain phraseology or words might only be  familiar to those with a little first aid or medical background. In saying that, everything is clearly explained and laid out in a detailed and concise manner so that the average Joe or Jane can easily understand how to deal with any medical emergency, however I would recommend you familiarise yourself with the book's layout so that should an emergency occur you're not flicking through pages trying to find the necessary course of action while in a panic. Basically every possible scenario you are likely to encounter appears in the book, and it does go into deeper and more focused detail than a simple first aid manual. To be honest I can't recommend it highly enough, this book should be read and re-read often and carried in your pack on every expedition, also make sure your buddies get a copy and make them familiarise themselves with it too, you never know, having this book on hand may just save someones life one day.. again I must re-emphasise, bring it with you at all times, this should be as important to you as your knife!