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Sunday 25 November 2012

Mora Companion Heavy Duty

It hasn't been so long since the introduction of the Mora Robust and that knife seems to have went down very well, as a result a few models with different characteristics have been released, most recently the Mora Companion Heavy Duty

as you can see it also has the 3mm blade, the handle and blade lengths are identical to the Robust
the only difference straight out of the box is that the spine of the blade has been squared off and not left rough like on most Moras

And as you can see it compared with the Robust above, the Companion heavy duty and the Mears version below, all identical apart from the colour

it's hard to make out in the pictures but the colour of the Companion HD is very orange, a great knife if you work in heavy brush and have a possibility of dropping it!
What they just didn't call it the Robust Hi Viz is a mystery, still the three above form the Holy Trinity of Mora Bushcraft Knives, never leave home without one!

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