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Wednesday 7 November 2012

Davy's Winter Game Larder

Davy was able to procure us quite a lot of game for the upcoming winter, including Pheasants, Duck, Pigeon, Rabbit, Woodcock and Venison, so we are going to have to get our thinking caps on for good outdoor recipes

This is just a small portion of what he has in store for us and we already have a few ideas lined up...

But if any of you guys want to recommend a simple outdoorsy recipe for game please drop us a line!



    Of course you can do that by a campfire, too. Set it to the flame very briefly to close the surface, then set it some "axe handle´s length" (ca. 40 cm) away from the coal.

    There is also a German site where you can find more recipes (most of them you will know already, but maybe inspiring nonetheless):

    Also, you might try making venison beef jerky?

    Hope that made any sense.;-) Wish you a good time and enjoyable meals with all that meat!

    1. Thankyou brother, that was very helpful and I appreciate the links too.

  2. Thanks for that, we are planning on doing a pit oven with the venison and pheasant, and some jerky with the rest of the venison. Thanks for the ideas bro