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Sunday 16 August 2020


 I was out for a dander near the coast recently and found some soapwort. Now this one is a little different than the one I've seen before so I'm assuming it's a garden escapee. Nonetheless it was quite prolific and pretty to look at

Same leaf configuration I've seen before but the petals are a little different, however I took some back to see if it had saponins that could lather in soft water..

I crushed the leaves, gave it a little rub between my hands and it lathered up very well.. A handy find.

Sunday 2 August 2020

Bit of a sea Forage

Its been quite a while since I've been out along the coast looking for edibles so I recently got the chance to go out along the Ulster shore line in search of a meal

Gorgeous part of the world with lots of potential for sea foraging.

Selection of the finds after about 30 minutes, 

Purging them in clean salt water to get rid of the sand, the catch included, mussels, cockles, clams, scallops and whelks.

And steamed then garlic butter added,it was delicious.