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Sunday 21 April 2013

'A' Frame Shelter - Raised Bed

This is a great wee shelter to learn to build as it is very suitable for a lot of environments in which you want to get up off the forest floor, from boreal forests to jungles it's one the Bushcrafter and Survivalist should really practice building

Find a couple of trees the right distance apart, normally about 8 feet or so, and lash 2 stout poles to each tree so that they cross near the top, make sure you tie them securely to the trees

Tie a cross piece to each support using a square lashing about 2 feet off the ground, these will support the poles that will be the matress of your bed, so make sure you tie them at the right height and make sure they are level
then set a pole on top of the crosses you have made on your main supports, this will be the ridge pole for your tarp
cut enough poles to fill across the supports, if they are very tapered make sure you alternate them tip to base when laying them down, if you make the poles 2 inches thick or less they will flex when you lie down giving you a sprung matress!
load your bed with soft boughs, rushes or grass to make you more comfortable
put a tarp over the ridge pole for a quick roof or you can lean poles or thatch a roof if you have the time and materials
If you build it at the right height it can also function as your seat and living area
Then take a well earned rest! It is one of the most comfortable natural sleeping systems you can get
and if you are interested this shelter was built using the Gerber Gator and Bear grylls Parang in just over 2 hours, well worth it for the comfortable nights sleep you'll get.

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