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Sunday 7 April 2013

Bushcraft and Survival Books

Here is a quick pic of my Bushcraft and survival library,
I realise it's modest in comparison to others out there, even though I do have another shelf full in my bedroom, still it's taken me many years to put this together...
I don't have that many rare books but some are more unusual than others..
If you have any ideas for other books that would fit in my collection please do let me know!



  1. Hey Buzzard/Redneck,

    Spotted the link on BCUK - nice blog. Oh my, looking at your bookshelf was like a mirror of mine - I guess bushcrafters have the same tastes.
    Here's a suggestion if you can get it - Bowhunting Alaska's Wild Rivers by Jay Massey. Fantastic read.
    Whispering Wind by Syd Kyle-Little - rare and expensive but excellent.


  2. Hi Kawasemi thanks for dropping by! I've seen a copy of Jay Masseys book but at over £300 it's a bit beyond my reach! Though it's funny you mention bowhunting as it used to be a real passion of mine and I've just ordered a copy of Wild adventure by Howard Hill...I sincerely appreciate you stopping by!