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Wednesday 3 April 2013

Modern Day Kephart

I've always loved the traditional Kephart style knife, and although I like using them I find the lack of a tapered point a bit of a hindrance with some wood carving tasks I might need to do, none the less it's a nice knife to use especially for food prep

This knife, made by the virginia knife company was originally similar in shape to the Green river/old Hickory bucher knives, but a little time on the grinder dropped the point and made it into a Kephart
the handle shape is different than the traditional Kephart but is still very comfortable to hold
I've thought about commissioning a custom Kephart before that cost around £200, but with a little time on the grinder I made this one and it cost £16..a much better deal I think!


  1. condor make a good one at a realistic price.

  2. You can have those from Loewen-Messer Solingen, Hubertus Solingen (, Linder Solingen (, Otter Knives ( at around 20€ each, the Loewen (, I suppose) being the best with a C75 steel. They also make different Kephart styles for cheap, complete with a sheath, under the label "Matrosenmesser" and "Dorschmesser". Also good is the Otter vesrion with a C 105 steel, but I do not know if they make them still. The Linder comes in 1.4034 steel, the Hubertus in C 45 and 1.4034. The Linder is laser-cut, the Otter, Loewen and Hubertus knives are drop-forged, making for a finer grain and better edge-holding capability (in theory).

    1. Thanks brother, some good leads to follow there, cheers.