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Thursday 24 May 2018

Top ten UK bushcraft blog awards.

Feedspot had whittled down all the bushcraft blogs in the UK to the top ten, and guess what, we made it in there..

A very many thanks to Feedspot and the founders for this award.

Sunday 13 May 2018

Telling the difference between a cockle and a clam

I went for a coastal bimble last week after a storm to see what Poseidon have coughed up onto the shore, always an interesting adventure.

A huge mid part of a nipper from a brown crab, this fella must have weighed 2 pounds easily..

A leg from a spider crab. These were not originally that common around our shores but seem to be more readily found these days.

Lots and lots of razor clam shells

And lastly quite a few clam and cockle shells, and the easy way to tell them apart... the radial lines on a cockle are vertical and those on a clam are horizontal..its as easy as that.

Both taste really good in a clam chowder !!