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Wednesday 26 September 2012

Big Cats in Northern Ireland

For years there has been dispute over the fact as to whether big cats are actually alive and well in Northern Ireland, well just to prove a point, this European Lynx was shot and killed on farm land in Co Fermanagh in 1996 .. I think that should somewhat settle the argument!

Sunday 23 September 2012


Davy found a good source of natural fatwood, so he collected a good few pieces and divided it up between us

It smells gorgeous and has a really good resin content so burns really well and easily takes a spark from a ferro rod

there is enough to do us for quite a few fires!!

Wednesday 19 September 2012

Pink Wood Sorrel

A relatively uncommon varitey of the common white flowered wood sorrel, tastes exactly the same but the leaves seem to generally be a little bit bigger

There is also a yellow flowered variety, but we have yet to find that one!

Sunday 16 September 2012

Campfire Smoked Mackerel

AS it's practically the end of the mackerel season we tend to celebrate that with a little special treat over the fire when we have a few blue tigers left

First we make a tripod with all natural materials and bindings, high enough to get some heat but not low enough to char the fish

you can make a grill but for simplicities sake we used a wire one

then start to layer leaves of some sort over the top to help retain smoke and heat

then get a fire going below, first to creat enough heat then a low burn with green or wet wood to create smoke

naturally some smoke will escape through your thatching but this gives a good indication of just what is going on beneath the layers

If you like it lightly smoked it will be done after about 2 hours, deeper darker smoking can take up to 6 hours, make yourself a simple woodmans fork and tuck in!

Wednesday 12 September 2012

Forest Fruit Fool

It hasn't been a great year for soft fruit, the berries and plums don't seem to have done too well, but if you do manage to find some, there is a delicious dessert you can try

Find whatever sort of fruit you can , the more types the merrier

put them all in a pan with a little water and some sugar if the fruit is too tart

heat until the fruit is lightly stewed

layer in a glass with cream or a custard/cream mix or fold the cream and fruit together, serve and relish!

Monday 3 September 2012

Shellfish Surprise

There isn't long left in this years mackerel season so we headed out to see if there was anything worthwhile

very few mackerel unfortunately but some nice cod, whiting and haddock

and something a bit special! There's a spot we know that if you drop down a flapper for rays or bullhuss then occasionally, and it is very occasionally you will get a rather nice surprise!!

and all ready to munch on some of the oceans sweetest flesh.

Is this fishing,trapping or foraging? I actually think it's a little bit of all three.