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Sunday 16 September 2012

Campfire Smoked Mackerel

AS it's practically the end of the mackerel season we tend to celebrate that with a little special treat over the fire when we have a few blue tigers left

First we make a tripod with all natural materials and bindings, high enough to get some heat but not low enough to char the fish

you can make a grill but for simplicities sake we used a wire one

then start to layer leaves of some sort over the top to help retain smoke and heat

then get a fire going below, first to creat enough heat then a low burn with green or wet wood to create smoke

naturally some smoke will escape through your thatching but this gives a good indication of just what is going on beneath the layers

If you like it lightly smoked it will be done after about 2 hours, deeper darker smoking can take up to 6 hours, make yourself a simple woodmans fork and tuck in!


  1. This was helpful again... oh, and must I mention I keep learning from you?:-)

    Great job, as always!