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Wednesday 12 September 2012

Forest Fruit Fool

It hasn't been a great year for soft fruit, the berries and plums don't seem to have done too well, but if you do manage to find some, there is a delicious dessert you can try

Find whatever sort of fruit you can , the more types the merrier

put them all in a pan with a little water and some sugar if the fruit is too tart

heat until the fruit is lightly stewed

layer in a glass with cream or a custard/cream mix or fold the cream and fruit together, serve and relish!


  1. Relish is right! Nothing like berries and cream. We have a lot of wild raspberries this summer and a few wild Alaska blueberries. I went blueberry picking, but didn't last long because the mountainside smelled heavily of bear musk and it scared me away. My friend made some raspberry jam with honey from her own hives right here in the city! "Harvest" is one my favorite words!

    1. Always better to err on the side of caution Penny!