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Wednesday 28 November 2012

From Dusk till Dawn

We never seem to have enough woods time so every opportunity it greeted with relish especially on winter nights in a local wood..It was a quick hike in after work and out again before sun rise, no fires and the minimum of equipment,just a sleeping bag, a bivi bag, a tarp and some ration packs..bed down and watch the moon rise, and as it did so it lit up the woods as clear as day, and once our eyes adjusted it was easy to see all around..

the full moon has been big and bright over here lately, so although we didn't get much sleep it was cathartic none the less..


  1. I love that picture, and I love the moon. Thanks for sharing! And I know that feeling of catharsis all too well... inspired me again...:-)

  2. No bother;-) it was a pleasure;-). Kidding aside, I really love the posts when you show a bit of what´s behind the curtain.