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Sunday 2 December 2012

More Fun at the Forge

Thought y'all might like to see some more items we made at the forge just recently, if I say so myself I do think we are starting to get an idea of just how to do this blacksmithing thing

starting to make the flat that will become the ferrule on a Bodkin point for an arrow

a couple of finished points ready to wrap around the appropriate shafts
and one thing I've always wanted to make was my own steel (strike-a-light) for use with a flint, I saw Tony's one that he had forged himself when we were down with the IBC over the summer and it just fed the fuel of my desire all the more. This is the first one I made out of a simple round file, the shape is not that important but getting it to spark correctly most certainly is, and once I had the steel shaped it was heated to non-magnetic and water quenched, it sparked perfectly!! I was so pleased I decided to try something a little more elaborate
and here it is, a simple Ram's Horn steel, not by any means a work of art but it fits my fingers well and sparks very well indeed..I am a happy man!


  1. Beautiful work there Phil. Tony and Jim were down with Owen Bush lately for a knife making course. The results are pretty cool. See you both soon I hope


    1. With Owen Bush ??? Wow Donal,I'm jealous! That guy produces some of the finest forge work I've seen, that would have been a superb course, we will have to get down to you guys to hear all about it!