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Sunday 9 December 2012

Cheap Ration Packs

I was in the local £ shop recently and saw something that should appeal to all us Bushcrafters as well as Preppers and Outdoors men in general..

Doesn't look like much at first sight, but open it up and lets take a look inside!!

Look familiar ?? It actually contains 2 ration packs, one of rice and one of sweet and sour chicken, also a plastic spoon and a plastic bowl. They are microwaveable but more importantly also boil in the bag just like traditional ration packs. They are dated for use by 2015 but as most of us know, when ration packs are sealed in mylar like this they can last for years and years, but what about the taste?
Well, when opened they smelt like dog food!, also looked a little like it too especially as the meat was very dark and more like beef than chicken!! Taste however was quite good, nice flavour and decent portions, certainly not a kings dinner, but a very good fall back for bushcrafters and preppers and at £1 in price an incredibly cheap alternative to ration packs that can be nearly 5 times that price!
I think I'll stock up on a few more.

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