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Wednesday 5 December 2012

Ash Dieback Disease

I'm concerned about the disease affecting Ash trees in the UK at the minute, as any good bushcrafter knows the Ash is one of our most splendid and important trees and to loose them would do irreparable damage to our natural heritage, we should all know just how important these trees are to us..even the folklore connected with them is outstanding, remember the Yggdrasil ???
ash trees are very common in my neck of the woods so just in case the worst scenario happens..
We've been out collecting ash seeds which we will dry out and keep in storage should we ever need to replant these majestic trees
as conservationists we want to see little ash plantations like this for many years to come.


  1. The spread of this disease will mean a huge change in the countrysideand in many parts will be a disaster. Do you know if the disease affects all types of ash trees or is it just the common ash. Are there any other types of ash which could now be taarted off in nurseries.

    1. As far as I'm aware it's only the common ash thats affected but I'm sure mother nature will eventually find a way to combat this disease but it may not happen for generations.. The woodland trust are doing sterling work with regard to this disease at the minute so if you're interested in finding out more about it I'd recommend contacting them.