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Sunday 1 May 2011

The Deliverance Weekend (part 1)


Burt Reynolds...Me
Jon Voight...Alan
Ned Beatty...Stephen
Big mad baldy banjo boy...Davy

We had been invited down to Lough Ree by Alan for a long weekend doing adventurous things and pretending we were reliving the Deliverance movie , without of course the piggy bits, although Davy's got an "awful purdy mouth"..anyway while the landlubbers took the kit down to the rendezvous point Alan and I picked up the transport for the weekend,

Heading out from the pick up point to the main lough

The lough is full of islands and it was on one of these we intended to spend the first night, a little overgrown place called little yellow

Just a few items of kit loaded into the boat, we didn't want to overdo it!!

Davy sets up an open camp hoping some toothless rednecks might pay him a visit later,     ( quite a good picture of him don't you think?)

Once the sleeping arrangements had been set up we set up a tripod and jerkied some venison, scrummy!

Alan thatched himself a beautiful hula skirt

And Stephen (aka Pignut) went out foraging!!!

(stay tuned for part 2)

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  1. Well the title got my attention. I thought the cannon was a great addition, & then I realised it was a sleeping mat rolled up!!!
    Good post.