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Sunday 22 May 2011

More new Ground

Buzzard have been very fortunate of late in having been able to use great new ground, as a matter of fact we haven't used the same place twice in the past 2 months, anyway today we went to a new stand of spruce we are able to use to try out some simple bushy activities..The only method of fire lighting today was the ferro rod, no matches lighters or other paraphernalia were used and we had the challenge of only using what could be found around us. Now bear in mind it has been very wet and windy here lately so dry tinder was hard to come by, but we persevered

Stephen successfully got the fire going in what were difficult conditions using only what he could find

He then set to work skinning another rabbit Davy had managed to procure.

Nicely skinned and ready for the spit roast

All ready for a light smoking over hard wood and a gentle basting of chilli and olive oil.

Boy does it look and smell amazing at this point! It was crisp yet tender and juicy and tasted absolutely wonderful.

Davy kindly left us the bones to suck the marrow from after he scoffed all the meat before we even got near it! Did you enjoy the back straps mate???

Once lunch was complete we also made some Pine pitch for future craft use..
All in all a great day and well enjoyed by all of us, especially by those who got most of the meat!!

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  1. The meat was outstanding mate maybe next time I'll let you have some.