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Sunday 29 May 2011

Deciduous Forest

We headed out this weekend for a simple easy relaxing day with the kids to a new piece of deciduous woodland near at hand, no plans for today just a bit of fun,

It's an all beech forest with very little else about, but a nice wee place nonetheless

The kids set their hammocks up, obviously not intending to do too much today!

The static in the hammock played havoc with Evie's flaxen hair!!

It was the Dad's who did all the work today, setting the fire, gathering the wood, doing the cooking

There were some great overturned trees that would have been brilliant for shelter building if we had've been inclined

The Dad's job to tidy camp after we left and like good woodsmen you would never have known we were ever there

On the walk back out we saw some red clover which apparently makes a great tea, we never tried this but it's on the cards to try sometime soon.

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