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Wednesday 1 June 2011

Cavehill Dander

I had a little walk around my neck of the woods today to see what was about. Just out for a bimble although I did have it in mind to cut some hazel sticks if I came across any nice ones..

Carex pendula, a usefull to know sedge as it can be eaten.

There is a little swampy bit where an underground spring comes up and there were plenty of Yellow Iris in bloom, they are a lovely sight! In Irish mythology yellow iris is a symbol of beauty.

Lots and lots of woodruff, this was usually spread on the floor or in between the linen to give a pleasant aroma. The leaves were dried and used in a tea to be used against colds and fevers in the Scottish highlands.

Lots and lots of Lady's mantle. Large drops of dew can collect in the base of the leaves and this was supposed to have magical properties in warding off the evil eye. The name also suggests another use, in medieval times it was used as a cure for certain ladies problems!!

I could feel myself being watched the whole way up and back down the hill, and the little people that do this have a tendency to fade away back into the foliage without being seen, although if you do find them peeking at you from behind a tree they often have the ability to instantly take on the form of something more common, but they don't fool me!

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