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Sunday 19 June 2011

Fathers day mooch

We went for a little mooch to the shore again today.The weather was looking promising but as the day wore on we started to get a little rain, none the less we were looking for other plants that maybe we hadn't noticed during our spring forage and found a few..

Red Valerian, unbelievably common at the moment, it's all over the roadsides and down to the foreshore, the young leaves are edible but I wasn't that keen on there bitterish taste.

Sea Beet, I quite liked this one, quite a green flavour straight off the plant but does taste spinachy when cooked with a little butter

Sea Radish, this is edible but I can't comment as I didn't try any of it, I'll keep that for another post

Chamomile, we brought back some of this to dry and make tea from as that's how it has been used for centuries, so I'll update once it's been dried, made and supped!!

Spear leaved orache, this doesn't taste great when eaten raw and I didn't bring any home as I've eaten it before, it's a little cabbagey,kaley,spinachy in taste very high in vitamin C and was used a vegetable in the past, and a nice find for us.

The terns were also diving for fry all around us and performing incredible acrobatics in the air and just before they hit the water, fantastic to watch they are one of my favourite sea birds but as you can imagine rather difficult to photograph because of their speed


  1. That orache looks just like a plant growing here, but I can't remember its name.
    Good images.

  2. your plant could be an orache too as there are supposed to be nearly 200 varities worldwide! thanks for your comment.