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Sunday 5 June 2011


So many people sing the praises of Bannock and while it's a handy little bread to make I find sourdough has a very distinct flavour and a great tradition amongst pioneers that gives it a great appeal. I can make it very successfully at home but have never tried to out in the field so that is a challenge for sometime soon. In the mean time here's a simple way to make it..

First thing you need is a starter, add some flour and warm water to a container then feed it with the same ingredients for 4 days, after which the natural yeast in the air will start causing it too rise, this is one of the reasons sourdough is prized because it tastes different from different places in the world because of the different natural yeasts found there.

Next you make your sponge, add the starter to a bowl with two cups of flour and 2 cups of warm water, leave for a few hours for the starter to work it's magic

Once the sponge is frothy and smelling like beer I transfer it to another bowl that has enough flour in it to make a dough, you can also add a little sugar, salt and oil, but I prefer to leave it "pioneer plain"..Leave for 6 hours to rise, knead it then leave it again, put it in a bread tin and in the oven for about 45mins at 180 degrees

Remove from the bread tin and allow to cool. This bread forms a very hard crust and is lovely with a sour after tang.

Forms quite a dense bread that is great with Chilli or stew and is very filling, a great source of carbs if you need them. Move over bannock, you have some competition!

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