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Sunday 26 June 2011

Nothing particular day

We hadn't intended to do much today so we just went for a little wander. I was thirsty first thing and decided to have some of my elderflower cordial, so I opened a bottle and it sprayed everywhere, seems I had inadvertantly made elderflower champagne, there must have been a lot of natural yeast on the plant when I picked them..


The place we went to was full of cherry trees and they had lots of fruit on them

But they were still green, so we'll be back in a fortnight with the picking stick!!

It has been raining a lot lately and the ground is very wet so we elevated the fire base and used our favourite birch bark

We lit the fire with a slow match of pure cotton cord soaked in a saltpeter solution

Davy cooked up some of his delicious stew

And the best part of the day, as we were going home we found a wild blackcurrant bush, not a great lot of fruit on it be we did manage about a pound, soon be jam making time!!


  1. Good stuff. That cordial looks just the thing for today.

  2. May I beg for a gallon? Yumyum.... Cheers!