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Wednesday 18 May 2011

Snared a weeker !!!

Davy has been walking around the fields behind his house lately and noticed some rabbit sign, so I gave him a crash course in setting snares and left him to it, not expecting much to be honest but guess what..after 4 consecutive days and nights with no joy, he got one!! So I asked him to do a quick skinning skit for the blog and his pics are below, remember there's more than one way to skin a I mean rabbit !, this way is just the way Davy does it..

Just been paunched and ready to skin

Feet have been removed and back legs popped out of the skin

Skin pulled back over the hind quarters

Just nicking any stubborn bits

Perfectly skinned and ready for the spit roast next time we head out, the skin will be salted for future craft use too, well done mate, now go and get some more!!

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  1. Good one. Did you know that if you have a full grown rabbit, and you pull the skin off in one piece, you have instant fur lined moccasins.