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Wednesday 27 April 2011

Wild garlic

My favourite of all wild flowers is wild garlic, unmistakable and such a verdant green that it just screams "Woods" to me, I love it

In irish folklore wild garlic was a metaphore for bitterness with an old Donegal saying " As bitter as wild garlic", however some of the old ones would nail cloves of wild garlic to the lintel post to ward off the dark one and his coven of witches.

It is also mentioned in the legend Sweeny astray as one of the foods the old County Antrim king depended on for survival when he ran off to live in the wild. It has always been an important food for the Irish who also believed in it's curative powers over coughs, colds, infections , toothache and as a blood cleanser. No wonder it's so highly thought of.


  1. Hi,Buzzard.
    Wild garlic is called 'san-ma-neul' in Korean, it means mountain garlic.
    Koreans like to eat wild garlic pickle, thus it is cultivated for market.

  2. That sounds excellent Manta, do you have a recipe for how the pickle is made? It sounds delicious..

  3. Haha, I will post a recipe up my blog. :) The pickle makes the meat dish tasty.

  4. That is perfect many thanks!!