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Sunday 17 April 2011

Working with the Cubs

Although we normally just work with the Scouts we were asked to spend some time with the cubs on their recent overnighter. They are all very enthusiastic and active , they certainly kept us on our toes. With these young guys it was a case of a very simple introduction to basic techniques such as firecraft, water purification and camp cooking, all great fun.

First we cut a couple of logs! ;)

Dave gives a brief fire safety talk,

The boys find that worms don't make particularly good tinder!

Acommodation was set up while the fire demo was under way.

No ground fires allowed at this venue so we used this set up, got a good bed of embers, lots of heat and little flame and the kids all made their Twist.. ( Bannock on a stick). This turned out to be so popular that we went through 5lbs of flour and 2lbs of milk powder between 20 kids and 4 adults!! Thats some eating!!

(all parental permissions granted)


  1. Great to hear about this sort of stuff being done. When I was a nipper I joined the cubs expecting camping & adventure & carrying a belt knife. Never happened! I found that I already knew more than anyone else there, & dispite owning a knife myself at an early age the cubs were not allowed knives! No camping either!!!
    I would really like to help instruct cubs & scouts, but it is all very political now, & a lot of in house jealousy. A great pitty.
    They look like they are having a great time, well done.

  2. Great work,it looks and sounds like they had a great time!!

  3. Great job you´re doing with that. I figure one could unmount prejudices this way! If the kids get a clue of how to safely and sensibly use their gear (also belt knives), we might even be able to render some restrictions relative under certain circumstances. (legal reason) With patience and time.

  4. As the scout leader in charge of the group I can definitely say Dave and Phil are doing a fantastic job with passing on the knowledge they have gained over the years. Trust me trying to keep this lot interested without a ps3 or games console is a hard task. But the kids absolutely love getting their hands dirty and many are now asking for camping gear and pocket knives fir Christmas and birthday presents and why not. The first thing the guys normally say in s knives talk is a knive is a tool and it strikes home with the kids.
    If any of you followers of the blog want to help out in your local group and inspire young people to get out and closer to the wild then my advice as someone who is doing the job is go for it even if it's informal at the start. Many groups are closing down because of a sevre lack of willing adults go to the scout website and they will put you in touch with a group.
    As for us the next night out is water purification and then a survival night in castlewellan under the stars.

  5. Thanks for the endorsement Bill, it means a lot, and I think Dave and I enjoy it more than the kids do!