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Saturday 5 November 2011

Hacksaw Blade Knife

I thought I'd have a go at making a knife from an industrial hacksaw blade, these blades are very hard ( around 62RC) and so should hold a good edge for a long time, on the down side being so hard means they can be brittle and they will take a lot longer to process, however I like the challenge

I cut the end 6 inches from the blade and roughly shaped it on my stone bench grinder

I then ground on the bevels, this was tricky as I was doing it free hand on an upturned belt sander gripped in a vice, the blade also being so hard took ages to grind down and it had to be cooled every few seconds to prevent the temper of the blade being lost

I gound in a small hole with my dremel tool to allow for the pins, then glued on two pieces of oak from scrap solid flooring pieces, they were secured simply by 2 brass screws. I then shaped the handle into a basic round shape which I find very comfortable

I then varnished the handle and put a micro bevel on the edge with my sharpmaker and it really does hold a very good edge, it gets exceptionally sharp. The blade is thin probably just over 1mm thick but this makes it very light and great for a little neck knife

I liked this wee knife so much I made another from the other part of the hacksaw blade

Being so thin it makes a great food prep knife, it's very nicey slicey

I think I'll have to make some more


  1. WOW! Think I´ll have to do something with that old mill saw blade I have still lying around:-). Great work you have done there!

  2. what a grate litle trick i must try to make a litle Whittling knife. thank you

    1. HI Luto, go right ahead, I think you'll be surprised how good they are!