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Wednesday 30 November 2011

Fox Moth Caterpillar

These pretty hairy fellows are hard to miss and when we were out recently there were hundreds of them about, so many we had to be careful were we walked as we could easily have stood on them, apparently the reason for this is that they like to sunbathe a lot!!

Huge big brown and black hairy critters they are very impressive indeed!

They have a tendancy to curl up when disturbed

But give them a slight and gentle tickle and they unravel to a serious 3 inch length!

They feed on heather, brambles and bilberries and are found on heaths, bogs and coastal dunes and are one of our most impressive native moths after they have hatched.

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  1. Funny little creatures, reminds me of one ancient Star Trek episode*ggg*. Kidding aside, I cannot get over the multitude of creatures and creativity nature offers. Many caterpillars I do not know by name, but I am always amazed at the forms nature takes in insects. Great find, great post!