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Wednesday 9 November 2011

Last of Autumn's Hazel nuts

There aren't too many left on the trees but Davy and I managed to forage a few for a quick snack while out recently

About 10 minutes foraging produced a small handfull of nuts, a good source of plant proteins and fats with little energy having to be expended in their collection

Normally we just crack open the shells and eat them, but we decided to roast them this time, just a little until the shells go that gorgeous golden colour

The nut softens and tastes just like sweet chestnut, a warm and tasty treat on a cold autumn day.


  1. I am jealous, for being the hoggish conker I am, I already ate up all I collected in late summer and have nothing left now;-).

    But since blackberries are blossoming here (SICK!), might as well be we will have some over here in midwinter...;-)

  2. Lucky man, there are very few blackberries left here, although still apples and plenty of sloes.