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Sunday 13 November 2011

Shoreline wander

I need my monthly fix of salt air and seaweed so we headed down to portmuck to see what we could see! The sea kale was gone so either it has died back or someone has dug it up, but this is a good place for flint and we found loads.

It's a lovely wee place and sort of a spiritual home to me as I love it's history and placidity. You can see the old lime kiln in the background (some say it was a fire house to show the herring fleet their way home) and in days gone by a small herring fishery thrived here using old sail boats to catch their prey.

The mainstay of the pebble beach is chalk, flint and basalt, but I have found some granite, jasper and quartzite here also.

Logan wanted to have a go at flint knapping but as it's something I have no interest in I wasn't able to help him very much

I think he did very well for a first time and certainly much better than I could have done!!

We were visited regularly by the Rock Pippits who skitted round about us, feeding and keeping a close eye on us

As I was combing the beach I noticed this nice stone, it had a small indentation right in the centre and fitted perfectly in my hand

A quick dip in the sea and it's revealed in all it's glory, this would make a perfect bearing block for the firebow, not something I will use very often but it's nice to see that mother nature always provides for any need you can imagine.

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  1. Good one, I love foraging in such places.