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Tuesday 10 January 2012

Pouch for my Tinderbox

My lovely son bought me a Hudson Bay tinderbox for christmas and I'm well pleased with it, so I thought I'd make an animal skin pouch to keep it in

Skin measured and cut to size to fit the tinderbox on the left

Bag finished with an antler toggle to keep it closed, all in all it's not too shabby and will keep the box plus extra tinder all neat and tidy


  1. Smart looking pouch.
    More info here on the 19thc. Hudson Bay tobbaco tin.
    Regards, Keith.

  2. Very interesting post Keith, thanks for the link

  3. Whahay! Great work! Although the cowhide outer is not quite mine, but then it´s yours anyway;-)... and where the hell do I get this tobacco tin? It`s the one with the magnifying glass / burning lens on top, isn´t it?

  4. Yeah, although as Keith rightly points out that particular one is a tobacco tin, but I still prefered that over the others, It was got from