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Sunday 1 January 2012

Fallow, Finally..

Sort of !.. We have been out 3 or 4 times over the past months looking for fallow deer and they have proven most elusive, now I know I could go to a country park and get great pics but thats not the same to me as a wild shot. Sometimes it's a matter of months or years for the right pictures ( like with the sika) and these pictures are not great either, I can and I will do better,eventually!

There certainly are plenty of game trails in this forest and it's quite easy to track the beasts

The bad weather had mudied the ground and provided very easy tracking of these animals and showing great prints,

as we made our way along we heard movement in the bush and as we moved towards the sound we found where he/she had been lying up, in the folds of a fallen spruce, it was well sheltered and even protected from cold from the ground due to her lying on the spruce boughs, a human couldn't have made a better shelter!!

A few feet further on we found droppings so fresh there was still steam coming off them,we knew we were close and probably pushing her on in front of us

As we came to the edge of the forest we heard the undergrowth breaking and just knew they were breaking cover and heading into open ground

Only then did we realise that the noise was made by two fallow!! and unfortunately we didn't have permission to follow onto this land so we had to leave them here, disappointing to come so close yet not close enough, one day I know we will do better,all it takes is time and a little luck.


  1. aaah another man got addicted to REAL wildlife photography... welcome to the club!:-)

  2. Oh so close! I'm pulling for you!

  3. Good skills look forward to the next pictures guys!