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Sunday 8 January 2012

Hard day on the coast

We spent some time on a lovely stretch of the county Down Coast as a gorgeous wee place that has great potential for some seaside foraging in season, however it was really wet and we fought the elements as long as we could

There were huge swathes of sea beet,still quite small at this time of year but it tasted lovely and has great potential for later in the year when the leaves have grown and become all
the more cabbagey like that we're all familiar with

Lots of alexanders in all stages of growth, here you can see last years plants that have gone to seed and the black seeds are very recognisable

The weather was so bad and Davy looked like a soaking sponge that we ended up taking refuge in a lovely little cottage by the sea, and a brew was put on to keep us warm and toasty

View out of the cottage window over the Irish sea, we will be back when the weather is a bit more clement and the foraging has more to offer

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