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Sunday 15 January 2012

A Day Out with Alan

Our good chum Alan made the trek up to see us today and we had a nice wee time practising and chatting about bushy techniques and kit..I collected some resin to start the fire..

Gathered in a dry hogweed stem,the resin to be the accelerant and the hogweed to be the initial fuel, however Alan had set himself a challenge to get a fire with a single match, which can be a tricky scenario

He'd gathered a nice bundle of spruce twigs and put the flame to it

The flame well established he added dry hogweed and dead nettle stems and successfully completed his personal challenge.

He also made some very nice Bannock, very tasty indeed!!

A little impromptu tracking produced some great badger tracks

and finished the day practising knots and tarp set ups, good fun all round!!


  1. great day Phil, as always great to spend some woods time with good company. Really enjoyed this one. Perfect badger track bud, good find.

  2. A very great day indeed! And I have learned a thing or two from this post again... thanks!

  3. It's always great to be with old friends who think along the same line as us, great to see Alan again and hopefully we can get down to his patch very soon.