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Wednesday 25 January 2012

Hard Times Hobo Stove

It's really one of the first bushcraft things a newbie ever makes and the poor things get a real hard time of it on the forums and amongst "professional" Bushcrafters, but when all is said and done they work,and they work well!!

It's been misty and damp lately but I still need my outdoor fix but I didn't want to bring a lot of gear and I didn't need a large open fire,so the hobo stove is a good fallback..

The ubiquitous stainless cutlery drainer cut and ready for action

The fuel...birch bark, dried hogweed and dead sycamore twigs

and a soft focus to catch the flames. Boil time for 3/4 pint was 6 minutes, now thats as good as many top brand multifuel stoves, and this one costs nothing to run!

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