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Thursday 5 January 2012

Char cloth

I know most people know how to make this stuff but I'm still surprised by how often I see or hear someone ask for tips,it's the easiest thing in the world to make

It has been very wet and stormy of late so I thought I'd put myself to the test and get a fire by friction

Two attempts and no joy, getting plenty of dark dust but no ignition point, the damp air,surroundings and the wind were all conspiring against me, but the set was now warm, any residual moisture had been driven from spindle and hearth and I knew I had to bow a little longer and faster in such conditions to get an ember

third attempt and I had an ember,but..when I tried to get it to flame I lost it,seemed just too damp, but never give up!! fourth attempt produced an ember that I got to flame

Ember bundle down and covered with hogweed stems to get a small ember bed

An old tin with a small hole in the lid allowing the gases to escape and filled with old cotton cloth,here it's an old tea towel

Tin placed in the fire and you can see the gases escaping, don't let these gases ignite!

Once no more smoke is coming from the little hole, remove the tin and allow to cool, and here we can see the end result, this char cloth takes a spark easily and helps create fire the way the pioneers did!

A quick spark put to it with a flint and steel to prove it works well and we're all set to go

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  1. Good post, and good images. For more info on fire-bow & tinder may I suggest my videos here:
    This will help you with getting those flames first time.
    Regards, Keith.