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Wednesday 5 October 2011

Pine Pitch

I've run out of pine pitch so I decided to make a quick batch for a few projects

The ingredients are simple. firstly melt down some pine resin, do it slowly! Whenever I try this over a campfire it normally bursts into flame so keep the temperature down

The other ingredients are a little charcoal finely crushed and some beeswax, some people add a fiber to help bind it like powdered rabbit droppings but to be honest in all the time I've been making it I've never found it to be that much more adventageous

Once the resin has fully melted then remove any impurities like bits of bark or pine needles, I like to use chop sticks to do this as they have a dual purpose as we will see shortly

Add all the ingredients and heat slowly until everything has disolved and mixed together

Then using your chopsticks dip them in the pitch to form a blob on the end, this can then be heated or lit and the pitch dropped on whatever you need it for, I also like to keep a small tin of pitch as I  find it's easier to heat and use that way, and there you have it Caveman Hot Melt glue!


  1. Wow, that was very helpful again! Thanks!

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