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Sunday 30 October 2011

Following Fallow

We got a very welcome invitation by a couple of friends to come down to their neck of the woods to try and get some sightings of Fallow deer, now as before we've got good pics of sika and reds but never the most common deer in Northern Ireland, the Fallow.

There was great sign everywhere

Great prints

This particular place was full of droppings, tracks and scrapes..We did a lot of stalking for them and saw little until we were heading back to the camp, when we noticed a pair of ears flicking above the bushes and as we turned to move towards it up jumped a fallow hind in her dark winter coat and took off so fast I didn't even have time to turn the camera on never mind get a pic, thing was we moved within 10 feet of her before she jumped up and it makes me wonder how many we actually passed that day but never even saw!! At least we know they are there in good numbers so my quest for a pic of a fallow to finish the holy trinity of deer in NI will hopefully be fulfilled soon.

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