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Sunday 16 October 2011

Wonderful Welig Weekend

We had a great time with Clive down at portaferry at his Welig Crafts Workshop, we had wanted some tutoring in basic basketing techniques and he didn't disappoint. Just to get us used to working with the willow and finding out how to manipulate the wands to make them more pliable he had us make a simple willow tray, these can be made very quickly and will provide you with a multitude of uses..

Selecting the appropriate willow to make into the frame

Use 3 or 4 rods in an overlapping form to create the frame

Frame made and ribs in place ready to have the weavers put in

The first few are the trickiest to put in but once they are in place the rest is a simple weave working from the middle out to each side

It's a wee bit tricky till you get in the sway of things then everything flows very quickly

Once all the weavers are in place it's a simple matter of just trimming them down

And the finished product, you can leave the ends unwoven to allow for hand grips on each side or just weave right till the edge of the frame, it's your choice. They can also be made any size and have a multitude of uses,

More to come!

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