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Sunday 3 July 2011

Wood Wandering

We went out for our usual weekly foray to a spot we use often and had a great day, just being with the kids and doing "dad" things..first thing we spotted on arrival was a predator kill

I checked the feathers and they had been plucked off not chewed and the tail feathers had been nipped off cleanly, this was obviously a winged predator, the most perfect of all predators!
Difficult to say exactly which one and as I've never seen any peregrines around this area so it was probably a sparrowhawk...

...Although from the carcass it's more like a falcon kill !

Fire was expertly lit as usual and man food cooked, consumed then we went for another little dander

when Davy found this fox skull. It's always the same it seems to be that foxes grow old and die all sad and alone.

we also found evidence of wood wasps

The boys were getting bored so we made them bows and arrows and duck taped some fletchings on them like Dave and Cody used on Dual Survival, and as you can see they were incredibly accurate up to a distance of about 6 inches and made short work of this rotten old stump.

All in all, a great and very enjoyable day.

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  1. One hell of a nice day. To my liking, for sure! I love bones... not that I collected any...;-)