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Wednesday 20 July 2011

The search for Sika

With our red deer day having had a good ending we decided to concentrate on seeing some Sika deer. there aren't many of these herds in the country but we were able to find one..

First problem of the day was to locate fresh sign, there were a number of game trails but most seemed not very well used till we came across this..then our hope soared!

As we moved cautiously up the hill we spotted this young buck, seemingly not perturbed one bit to see us!!!

He seemed so at ease I circled the hillock we were on and came down from above him to try to get a better picture, but unbeknown to me he was making his way up the hill and we nearly eneded up coming face to face!!

It wasn't long before we saw another, and this one was a hind, we moved round from different angles to get closer and get some better pics when something magical happened

Her fawn stood up beside her!!!

I was feeling so sure with these deer that i pukered up and tried a squeeking noise to see if they would respond, mum walked away, but baby..

Came right up to us for that once in a lifetime bambi moment!!!