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Sunday 24 July 2011


This is one plant that I'm sure everybody is well aware of, especially because of it's lore and it's medicinal properties..It's name in Irish is Athair Thalun and it has particular relevence in Ulster as a love charm. A girl would gather 9 sprigs of yarrow after sunset and repeat the verse

Good morrow good morrow fair yarrow
and thrice good morrow to thee
come tell me before tomorrow
who my true love shall be

it was then taken home and placed under the sleeping girls pillow and she would then dream of her future husband.

In Ireland it was also believed to be the first herb Jesus took into his hand as a child and thus it had great medicinal properties and warded off ill fortune and bad luck. It has also been called "the father of all herbs" and "the herb of the seven cures" and the obvious one going by it's latin name is the herb used by Achilles to staunch the wounds of his soldiers..

One of the best ways to utilise Yarrow is as a tea or infusion, some say the pink variety is blessed with even more curative powers!!

For a tea or infusion gather a few yarrow leaves ( these have a peppery taste raw and are good in salads)

Dry them thoroughly then store for use,

Infuse 2 teaspoons in half a cup of warm water for 10 minutes, then drink as a digestive tonic and blood cleanser, also good cold as a wash to cleanse wounds due to it's antiseptic properties . It tastes quite strongly and somewhat reminiscent of Chinese green tea but more floral, one of my favourite brews, but only in moderation.


  1. I think I still have some in my medical kit.

  2. Great post, I'm drying some of this right now.

  3. I will go looking for it...;-)Great post again!