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Wednesday 16 October 2013

Much Room for Mushrooms

I love mushrooms, but I'm very reluctant to pick those I find in the wild as it's too easy to make a mistake. However there are a few types that are easily identifiable and also make great eating and this time of year is the time to find them

one of the easiest to identify, the common field mushroom, and one of my favourites, very tasty and great in stews and casseroles or just fried in butter

 another relatively easy one to find, the Shaggy parasol, I have mistaken yellow stainers for these before so please do take care
and the good old Ink Cap, pick when small like this, as it gets watery and tasteless when cooked and not particularly pleasant to eat.
Like all wild edibles, please be carefull only eat what you can positively identify,
If in doubt, leave it out!!!


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