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Wednesday 2 October 2013


There are a couple of plants I've been looking for for a very long time and regardless to the fact that they are supposed to be common I've had a hard time finding them, until now! This is one of them, Tansy.
Quite unusual looking I'm sure you'll agree but it has a history going back to the neolithic.

It's uses are many and varied from treating intestinal problems, like parasites and worms to being used as a face wash to lighten the skin, for rhuematic and joint problems but most importantly and very effectively as an insect repellant.
However It does contain a compound than can cause skin rashes so it's wise to test it first to see if you suffer from this sensitivity.
The folklore behind it includes it being used in funerals as it was believed to bestow immortality upon the body and the soul.
It should be avoided by pregnant women at all costs.

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