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Sunday 27 January 2013

Paracord Belt

This is a very simple idea with many possibilities, it can be a belt or baldric to hold a parang (this is the traditional way to carry a parang) a knife, a possibles pouch or anything else, although not traditionally made from paracord the concept is the same.

you will need, a knife, some cordage and a stick!
first, carve yourself a simple toggle
cut about 4 feet of paracord and in one end form a loop and tie an adjustable knot
tie the toggle onto the other end with a constrictor knot
and that's it !! It's that simple..

to adjust the size,simply slide the knot to as tight or as loose a fit as you require, works as a belt...
..or a baldric. The heavier the item suspended from it, the more secure the rig becomes.