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Sunday 20 January 2013

Wild Food in Snowy Wood

There's been a great fall of snow lately and it always provides a challenge for the bushcrafter, after all it becomes a different terrain needing different skills and challenging us from the norm, so what can be found to eat in a survival scenario if you find yourself out in just such a case..

on the look out..

Rosehips, nice and sweet and a good source of vitamin C, helps ward off colds, so anice find, make sure to discard the seeds!

wood sorrel, a nice sharp taste at this time of year

Yarrow, a great medicinal plant and makes a great tea

Tri-corn garlic, one of my favourites and a nice find on such a day.


  1. Nice winter edibles. I have read that rose hips are basically more nutritious than just about any berries etc. out there. Well, that applies to berries in Finland, anyway.

    1. They certainly contain more vitamin C than most other berries!