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Wednesday 16 January 2013

Early This Year !!!

Now We don't believe in man made climate change,we believe it's simply a thing the earth goes through every 10 thousand years or so, after all there was an ice age 10,000 years ago and it all melted, obviously because the earth heated up.....naturally!!!!

We are probably going through something similar right now, ice is melting at the polar caps, animals are migrating at different times and as we can see below the wild garlic is starting to show January!!! In all my outdoor years gathering my favourite wild green I've never seen it out this early, but I'm not complaining, I'll soon be looking for other alliums to devour too..

Spring in January..I have no problem with that!!


  1. I sure hope so, because right now my garden vegies are literally drying out! No matter how much water, the leaves can't draw enough quick enough to stop them drying out & dieing. First time we have ever had to cover the vegies. It is becoming a real problem here!
    Regards, Keith.