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Saturday 5 January 2013

Dual Survival Season 3 .. A Comment

Davy and I recently had the opportunity to see the first episodes of the 3rd series of Dual Survival, this one obviously no longer featuring Dave Canterbury and we both came to the same conclusion...the magic has gone!
Regardless of your personal opinion of DC and whether he embellished his Cirriculum Vitae or not you can't knock the mans ability and knowledge. In certain episodes he often carried Cody and was able to call upon ideas that had the Desert Dude stumped, DC certainly was a capable man! I think it was Discoverys extremely bad foresight not to renew his contract after the 2nd series.
After all they pursued a certain British Survival expert with a passion regardless of how many nights he spent in Hotels and how faked and rigged his episodes were.
There seemed to be nothing but positive feedback from all outdoorsmen when the first series aired and a little controversy does no harm in the long run after all "there's no such thing as bad advertising!" Pity Discovery didn't realise this and use it to their advantage.
As for Cody, well, he proclaims to be a spiritual person and so I can't understand why he seems to have so little forgiveness in his soul, he also doesn't realise how well they worked as a team. Whether it was Abbot and Costello, Laurel and Hardy or Bonnie and Clyde it matters not if you get on together in real life but matters a great deal how you come across on screen and CL and DC had chemistry! A little tetchiness would even have added to the on screen magic!!
As for the new guy, Joe Teti, I'm afraid he has no on screen persona at all, he is dry and arrogant, seems to have little charm and brash skills..he could very well be a nice guy in the real world but he's not Dual Survival material thus I'm sure discovery will pursue this team relentlessly!! Go figure!
Cody, you're going to have to try and carry this series on your own, your new partner doesn't cut it.. Dave, continue with the Pathfinder School ( I continue to wear my T-shirt with pride)..It's just a pity Discovery and Cody don't realise what they've done by shooting themselves in the foot, forgiveness would have been the adult thing to do instead of throwing a childish this end it looks like no one wins, especially the viewers.