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Sunday 13 May 2012

Weekend with the Scouts

We spent a great weekend with the scouts at Gosford forest park, just having fun and practising some simple skills

we arrived late-ish on friday night so we got the tents set up quickly before we had a bite to eat

Next morning we headed to the woods to gather wild edibles and practise knife skills, these skills are easily forgotten

we found a patch of wild garlic which was quickly ravaged by the hungry hoards!!

as evening wore on we had a competition to see if the kids could light the fire with flint and steel and they did this very quickly and efficiently, we were very the way, can you see the figure in the flames???

Breakfast was a quick bannock with wild edibles all collected and cooked by the kids,

Gosford is a great place to explore and there is lots to see and do and we would highly recommend it if you work with a group. They have a small herd of red deer down there but it's hard to get close to them as they are separated by 2 large fences and although I'm sure we would all like to see our deer in the wild along some mountainous terrain that's not always possible, some kids had never seen any before so this was a nice wee bonus.


  1. You have my respect for working with the scouts to teach them these things. I hear that most troops are not as blessed with outdoorsy leaders as your's is. (BTW, watch out for the guy in the flames! ;-)

  2. Very nice comment Gorges, thankyou.

  3. is the figure a demon or the devil phil

  4. You know who you are;-), my respect for doing what you do! And that´s the spirit of the campfire, I guess...*ggg*